Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sanders Trails Clinton Badly In New California Poll

The chart above represents the results of a new KABC / SurveyUSA Poll -- done May 19th through 22nd of a random sample of 1,598 registered voters in California.

I really think Hillary Clinton will clinch the nomination in New Jersey on June 7th, before the polls close in California that day. But Bernie Sanders has been promising his supporters a win in California -- a win so big it will convince super delegates to support him at the national convention.

I seriously doubt a California win would change the support for Clinton of any super delegate, but it now looks like Sanders won't be winning California anyway. The chart above shows Clinton currently has a huge 18 point lead over Sanders in that state (57% to 39%).

While New Jersey will put Clinton over the top in delegate votes, California will pad her margin by several hundred delegates. This race is over.

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