Monday, July 25, 2016

Democratic National Convention Starts Today

The waiting is finally over. Today, the Democratic National Convention starts -- and two days from now the party will have official candidates for president and vice-president. They will be Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.

The good news is that most issues have been ironed out, and Democrats should be able to show the nation a unified party -- a party ready to attack the nations problems with hope (instead of fear as the GOP demonstrated in its convention last week).

Unlike the GOP convention, the Democrats have a speaker line-up of heavy hitters --  like Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Tim Kaine, and Hillary Clinton. But one of the most important speeches will be given on Monday night by Senator Bernie Sanders. He has already endorsed Hillary Clinton, and his speech should go a long way toward truly unifying the Party for the November election.

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