Friday, March 15, 2019

Senate Agrees With Public - Votes To End Trump's Emergency

The public has never liked Donald Trump's emergency declaration to shift funds from other purposes to build his border wall. As this recent Quinnipiac University Poll shows, about two-thirds of the public (66%) oppose the emergency declaration while only 31% support it (Trump hardcore base).

The House of Representatives passed a resolution (HJ Res 46) a couple of weeks ago to rescind that emergency declaration. Yesterday, the Senate voted on that resolution -- and it passed 59 to 41. All Democrats and both Independents voted for the resolution. The surprise was that 12 Republicans joined them in voting for it. It was expected that about 6 to 8 would do that, but 12 was a pleasant surprise (and it showed that Trump may be losing his grip on the GOP-controlled Senate).

Trump has said he would veto the resolution, and repeated that after the Senate passed it. Could the veto be overridden? That's doubtful. It would require another 8 Republicans to switch and vote with the Democrats, Independents, and the 12 Republicans -- and that is not likely.

While the Senate vote was good to see, it looks like we'll still have to count on the courts to stop Trump's unconstitutional power grab.

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