Thursday, April 29, 2021

Public Sees Biden As More Moderate Than Obama


From NBC News:

Americans perceive Joe Biden as more moderate than Barack Obama at the same stage of his presidency, a new survey shows, even as progressive activists say the incumbent is governing to the left of the former president.

The perception of Biden as a moderate may be helping him win support from congressional Democrats in competitive parts of the country who might otherwise feel pressure to oppose his agenda.

In April 2009, the NBC poll found that 59 percent of registered voters saw Obama as "very" or "somewhat" liberal, while 30 percent saw him as moderate. A new NBC poll released Sunday finds that 44 percent see Biden as "very" or "somewhat" liberal, while 42 percent see him as "moderate."

This surprises me. While President Obama was a moderate in an attempt to get some Republican support, President Biden has asked for that support but refused to moderate his agenda to get it. The programs announced by President Biden are the most progressive of any president since Lyndon Johnson.

But I don't mind the public viewing him as a moderate. It just means the Republicans have failed in their effort to demonize him, and it will make it easier to get his programs through Congress and accepted by the public.

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