Thursday, August 14, 2008

Arkansas City Trashes The Constitution

This is an unbelievable story. For the last week, the Arkansas city of Helena-West Helena has imposed a 24-hour curfew on a 10 square-block area of the city. They said they did it because the area is crime-ridden. The police carried military rifles and had the authority to stop anyone in the area at any time of the day. If the person acted nervous or didn't have a "good" reason for being there, the police would search them and their vehicle.

That was outrageous enough, but now the city council has gone even further. The curfew was supposed to end last Tuesday, but instead, the city council voted 9-0 to extend the 24-hour curfew to the entire city. That means no one has the right to be outside their home anywhere in the city unless they can justify it to the police.

The city government has tossed out the U.S. Constitution and created their own police state. The ACLU tried to tell them their actions were unconstitutional, but the council ignored them. The city's mayor says "some infringement on constitutional rights is OK".

He is wrong. It's not OK to violate the Constitution. Our forefathers created that wonderful document because they didn't want to live in a country that wasn't free, and they didn't want us to have to live in a police state either.

I expect the ACLU will take these idiots to court and win. I certainly hope so. It is important that behavior like this is quickly stamped out before it can spread. Our freedoms are too important.

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  1. Well now...

    The freedom to congregate is a wee tiny freedom. Surely, noone should mind its loss if it makes us safer.

    Unlawful search and seizure is also a wee tiny price to pay for safety.

    How about unlawful detention? Shouldn't we be able to arrest and detain suspicious types if it makes us safer?

    Attitude motivation? Surely a little well-placed electrode would be helpful when seeking information that would keep us safer.

    Oh wait! The ultimate solution:

    Add a little tranquilizer to the public water supply! All problems solved!

    Sarcasm, though immensely entertaining, isn't all THAT far off the mark.

    Fascism doesn't rise to power in huge military actions. It slides in quietly with each freedom that is demolished without a responding shout of outrage.

    I think a caravan of people peacefully sight-seeing at two in the morning is just what the folks in Arkansas need in the way of support to fight this vile ruling.

    Anybody up for a drive?



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