Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Los Rangers

Racist wingnut and concentration camp enthusiast, Michelle Malkin has now attacked our beloved Texas Rangers [can a team be beloved if it rips your heart out each year?]. It seems that our Rangers wore a new uniform to honor our hispanic brothers and sisters on Cinco de Mayo. The only change was that the front of the uniform said "Los Rangers" instead of just "Rangers".

This cretin doesn't understand our culture here in Texas [and yes, I said OUR culture]. Cinco de Mayo may not be an official American holiday, but it has been celebrated around Texas for as long as I can remember. Most Texans just consider it a fun event. We had a Cinco de Mayo celebration dinner at my workplace this year, and most of the employees are not hispanic.

Cinco de Mayo, mexican food, mariachi music, tequila, mexican building styles, etc., are all valued parts of our Texas culture. It would not be nearly as good a place without them. It is just a natural extension of this for the Rangers to change their uniform for a day. I personally thought the uniforms were great.

Texans can not live on white bread and mayo alone. Extra spicy burritos are a must!


  1. Agreed. The majority of the people who died in the battle of the Alamo were Hispanic. To act as if Hispanics aren't a major part of Texas culture is completely forgetting that. It took many people of many nationalities to make Texas the great state it is. It does all Texans a disservice to ignore that.

  2. where does michelle malkin get off saying anything about Texas? if people in DFW -- Bush country for sure -- want to celebrate our collective culture, she should stay out of our business.


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