Sunday, December 09, 2012

Religion And Peace


  1. ted, your picture here made me write this.

    They've a gospel of love
    but that's only within.
    To folks who are just like them
    with skin oh so thin.

    If you tell them that others
    around them teach love.
    They'll deny it and say
    love only comes from above.

    Though they may believe true
    in their heart and their mind
    to them “from above”
    has it's limits that bind.

    If you don't think just like them,
    your beliefs not the same.
    In their eyes you are evil
    as you don't play their game.

    They deny love exists
    outside of their God.
    Feel their faith may be shaken,
    they remain quite tight jawed.

    But the truth of the matter,
    true love comes from within
    and to me what this shows,
    is their faith's pretty thin.

    So if love resides in us
    our outside will show it.
    Not confined to the few
    but be shared without limit.

  2. The words of love have been warped into a manmade form of control.

    Thank you.

    I wanted to share a video with you guys, I think you'll appreciate where it's coming from as much as I do.

    Here it is: I hold my faith dear and I think that Jesus had something totally different in mind for Christianity than the hate mongering that goes on.


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