Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Plan To Improve The Nation's Infrastructure

(This photo of Hillary Clinton, from her web site, is by John Buysse.)

From hillaryclinton.com:

“I want to use every tool we can to invest in infrastructure and build a stronger, more prosperous future.”
Hillary believes that strengthening our infrastructure is critical to boosting wages and making our economy productive and competitive. That’s why she has announced a $275 billion, 5-year plan to revitalize our nation’s bridges, roads, public transit systems, and other public works.
Hillary's plan would:
  • Boost federal infrastructure investment by $275 billion over the next five years. Under Hillary’s plan, $250 billion would go directly to public infrastructure investment.
  • Create a $25 billion national infrastructure bank. Hillary will allocate an additional $25 billion over five years to create an independent, government-owned infrastructure bank that will support critical infrastructure improvements. The bank will provide loans and other federal support for investments in energy, water, broadband, transportation, and multi-modal infrastructure projects.
  • Reauthorize a Build America Bonds program to help finance the rebuilding of America’s infrastructure. Hillary would re-authorize President Obama’s highly successful Build America Bonds (BABs) program to stimulate billions of additional dollars in infrastructure investments.
Hillary's plan will harness both public and private capital to:
  • Fix and expand our roads and bridges, reducing congestion and cutting the “pothole tax.” Hillary will make smart, targeted investments to repair America’s roads and bridges, increase capacity, improve road quality, and reduce congestion—saving wasted time and money for drivers across the country. Clinton will also make key transportation investments to help farmers and manufacturers reach their customers and suppliers more efficiently.
  • Expand public transit options to lower transportation costs and unlock economic opportunity. Hillary will increase investments in public transit to connect Americans to jobs, spur economic growth, and improve quality of life in our communities. She will also encourage local governments to work with low-income communities to ensure the unemployed and underemployed are connected to the jobs they need.
  • Connect all Americans to the digital economy with 21st-century internet access. Hillary believes that high-speed internet access is not a luxury; it is a necessity for equal opportunity and social mobility in a 21st-century economy. She will finish the job of connecting America’s households to the internet with a commitment that by 2020, 100 percent of households in America will have access to affordable broadband. She will also invest new resources in bringing free Wi-Fi to public buildings and public transportation.
  • Accelerate aviation technology and invest in American airports. Hillary will invest in building world-class American airports and get the Federal Aviation Administration's “NextGen” program back on track to modernize our national airspace system. These changes will reduce carbon emissions and save travelers and airlines an estimated $100 billion in avoided delays over the next 15 years.
  • Build a faster, safer, and higher-capacity passenger rail system. Hillary will invest in a world-leading passenger rail system to meet rapidly growing demand and build a more mobile America. 
  • Build energy infrastructure for the 21st century. Hillary’s plan will unlock America’s clean energy potential by modernizing infrastructure like dams, levees, and wastewater systems—saving billions of gallons in clean drinking water and generating clean energy.

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