Saturday, March 12, 2016

Most Americans Don't Like (Or Trust) Donald Trump

(This caricature of Donald Trump is by DonkeyHotey.)

It's looking more and more like the Republican nominee for president will be Donald Trump. Many Republicans don't like that, and "establishment" Republicans are trying to do what they can to prevent it (because they think it would mean disaster for them in the coming election). But whether they like it or not, their party has been taken over by the teabaggers and racists -- and those people do like Trump.

And those "establishment" Republicans are right. Most Americans simply do not like Donald Trump. About 62% have an unfavorable view of him, 51% consider him a "fraud" or "phony", and perhaps most important, 57% think he would be a dangerous leader.

This is good news for Democrats, regardless of who their nominee is going to be. It means most Independents will vote against Trump, and maybe even a sizable portion of Republicans will vote for a third party or leave the presidential slot on their ballot blank. It is even possible that many would just stay home -- the greatest fear of Republican leaders, because that would negatively affect the chances of down-ballot Republicans.

The charts below were made from information in a recent YouGov Poll -- done between March 3rd and 6th of a random national sample of 1,000 voters, with a 4.2 point margin of error.

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  1. he scares the crap out of me..but then so does Cruz Rubio and that other non descript asshole.


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