Wednesday, April 06, 2016

GOP Is Split On What Should Happen In An Open Convention

It's looking more and more like no candidate will arrive at the Republican National Convention with a majority of delegates, although Donald Trump is sure to arrive there with significantly more delegates than anyone else. And the "experts" on cable news have been in pundit-heaven expounding on what will happen if that happens.

But perhaps a more important question is what do rank-and-file Republicans think? How would they want the problem resolved? The Rasmussen Poll did a survey to find out. They questioned 1,000 likely voters on March 30th and 31st, and their poll had a 3 point margin of error.

It turns out that slightly more than half of GOP voters (51%) think the person arriving at the convention with the most delegates (even short of a majority) should get the nomination. This would favor Donald Trump.

About 34% believes the convention delegates should keep voting until a majority agrees on a candidate. This would favor Cruz, Kasich, or even an outside candidate (like Paul Ryan). About  4% said the party leaders should choose a candidate, 6% said another method should be found, and 5% were unsure what to do.

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