Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Are Sanders Supporters Starting To Realize He Has Lost ?

The chart above shows the funds raised by Bernie Sanders in the last three months. Note that there was a huge drop in fundraising in April. Sanders had raised about $44 million in each of the two previous months, but raised only $25.8 million in April. That's a 41.4% drop in monthly funds raised. Are his supporters starting to finally realize their hope of him being nominated is just a dream that can't happen? Are they finally starting to realize that giving more now is just wasting their money? I think so, and I would expect the giving in May to be even less than April.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton raised $35.9 million in April -- with $26.4 million going into her own campaign fund, and $9.5 going to the DNC and state Democratic parties. That makes $46 million Clinton has raised for the DNC and state parties. Sanders has raised $0 for them.

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