Tuesday, August 23, 2016

46% Of Blacks Were Treated Unfairly In Last 30 Days

The panel above is from a newly released Gallup Poll. It shows that nearly half (46%) of American Blacks believe they have been treated unfairly in at least one of the above five areas -- just in the last 30 days. Imagine what the figure would be if you asked them about the last year or so.

But the most depressing figure in the poll is that only 46% of Whites believe that Blacks are ever treated unfairly in any of the five areas. That tells me that a majority of Whites either don't want to admit the obvious, are racists, are stupid, or fear that they will lose their "white privileges" if they acknowledge the truth. That is unacceptable.

Those same Whites would tell you that they believe in the U.S. Constitution. But that same Constitution guarantees every citizens, regardless of race or color, equal treatment. Anyone who truly believes in the Constitution would admit the truth, and they would join other decent Americans (the 46%) in trying to eliminate racism.

The Gallup Poll was done between June 7th and July 1st of a random national sample of 3,270 adults. The margin of error for Whites was 4 points, and for Blacks was 5 points.

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