Friday, September 02, 2016

New Poll Released For Seven Battleground States

Public Policy Polling has released new polls for seven battleground states. Hillary Clinton leads in five of those states -- New Hampshire (+6), North Carolina (+1), Ohio (+4), Pennsylvania (+5), and Wisconsin (+7). Donald Trump leads in Arizona (+3) and Missouri (+6).

New Hampshire -- August 26-28 (977 likely voters)

Arizona -- August 26-28 (837 likely voters)

Missouri -- August 26-27 (1055 likely voters)

North Carolina -- August 26-27 (1177 likely voters)

Ohio -- August 26-27 (1134 likely voters)

Pennsylvania -- August 26-27 (1194 likely voters)

Wisconsin -- August 26-27 (1054 likely voters)

The poll also asked the voters in those states whether they supported or opposed raising the minimum wage. An overwhelming majority of voters in all seven states supported raising the minimum wage (see bottom chart). Hopefully, this will help Democratic candidates, since Trump and his Republican cohorts in Congress all oppose raising the minimum wage.

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