Friday, October 07, 2016

Hillary Clinton Is Among The Most Honest Politicians

(This chart contains all Politifact checks through 9/29/2016.)

I am getting more than a little sick of hearing the media say Hillary Clinton has an "honesty" problem -- not because I am a supporter of hers (which I am), but because it simply is not true.

The chart above is the Politifact Truth Index. Politifact is a non-partisan organization that checks the truthfulness of what politicians say. Note that Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are among the four most truthful politicians (with the other two being Bernie Sanders and John Kasich).

Just the opposite is true about Donald Trump and Mike Pence. They are among the four most dishonest politicians (with the other two being Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum). And the most dishonest politician of all is Donald Trump (with less than 20% of what he says being true or mostly true).

I also noticed that many people are saying that Mike Pence won the vice-presidential debate. If true, it is just because he is good at lying calmly and with a straight face. Politifact checked the facts related in that debate. They said Pence was telling the truth only 31% of the time, while Tim Kaine was telling the truth 79% of the time.

Donald Trump has a huge "honesty" problem -- not Hillary Clinton.

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