Sunday, October 09, 2016

Is Anyone REALLY Surprised At The Latest Trump Scandal?

Unless you're living in a cave somewhere, you have heard about the latest Donald Trump scandal -- where he tried to attack a married woman, and bragged about grabbing the genitals of women, feeling it is his right since he's a celebrity. The media is full of outraged people, even many Republicans.

I have no problem with the outrage being expressed. It is appropriate. But I feel I have to ask a question -- How can anyone be surprised at this newest revelation?

This is nothing new. Donald Trump has a long and sordid history of misogyny -- it is public record that he called women derogatory names (pigs, dogs, etc.), has numerous extra-marital affairs, publicly humiliated women(Alicia Machado), demanded women be fired who don't meet his standard of "pretty" (from his businesses), fondles and grabs women w/o permission (i.e., sexual assault), and has sex with underage girls (i.e., rape).

If there is anything new about this latest scandal, it is that many Republicans are finally embarrassed about their presidential nominee (although they should have been embarrassed months ago, and made sure he was not the nominee).

Perhaps some good will come out of this. Perhaps it will wake voters up, and make sure he never gets close to the White House. Politico questioned the political insiders in their caucus -- a group of activists, strategists, and operatives from both political parties in 11 battleground states. The charts below show what the Republican and Democratic insiders think about this latest scandal.

It seems that 46% of Republicans think this latest scandal is a "knock-out blow", and 69% of Democrats agree -- while 54% of the Republicans think Trump can recover, along with 31% of Democrats.

What do you think? Is this latest scandal a knock-out blow?


  1. I wasn't surprised..I was delighted that we finally have on tape what he sounds like when the camera's not rolling..

  2. I see no real problem here! The real rePUKEians don't care because he is saying what they fell, do, and are!!! And so deep in self delusion they don't get how everyone else with a brain bigger than a cockroach's butt thinks they are hate filled bigots.


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