Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Trump Supporters Don't Want Offensive Comments Covered

The top chart shows that the supporters of Donald Trump know his offensive statements are hurting him in this election. Less than half of them want the media to emphasize the offensive statements made by a candidate. Clinton supporters and all voters disagree. About 72% of Clinton supporters want the offensive comments by a candidate emphasized, and 60% of all voters (general public) agree.

Oddly enough though, Trump supporters (71%) agree with Clinton supporters (83%) and all voters (77%) that the media should emphasize inaccurate statements. They don't seem to realize that Trump is the king of liars -- making statements that don't even have a passing relationship with accuracy or truth.

These charts are from a new Pew Research Center survey -- done between September 27th and October 10th of a random national sample of 4,132 voters, with a margin of error of 2.8 points. 1,396 Trump supporters were questioned (moe 4.7 points) and 1,775 Clinton supporters were questioned (moe 4.2 points).

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