Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Trump Will Break A Big (And Stupid) Campaign Promise

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During one of the presidential debates, Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton should be in jail for breaking the law regarding her private e-mail server. Then he went on the campaign trail and promised supporters that he would investigate, charge, and jail Clinton once he became president.

This became a recurring and very popular theme in all of Trump's rallies, and it was commonplace for the crowds at those rallies to chant "lock her up".

As we know, Trump won the election. Will he now follow through on that campaign promise to his supporters? In a word -- NO!

Kellyanne Conway, one of Trump's chief advisors, said on Monday that Trump would not be investigating or charging Clinton with any crime. Trump himself, reiterated that in a meeting with the New York Times on Tuesday.

Trump told the newspaper that investigating Clinton would be divisive for the nation, and that after the tough campaign, he had no desire to hurt the Clintons. That may seem magnanimous to Republicans, but to me it smells like something that would come out of the south end of a northbound bull.

Hillary Clinton has been investigated many, many times over the last 30 years. What was found? NOTHING! Hillary Clinton has done nothing wrong (even if you disagree with her politics). She has not broken any law, or committed any kind of ethics violation.

That's why Trump is not pursuing another investigation. He knows that it would reach the same conclusion that all the previous investigations had reached -- that she had done nothing wrong. And that would have wound up embarrassing Trump far more than Clinton.

Trump knew this during the campaign, and was just throwing out some red meat to his rather vicious (and ignorant) supporters. He was lying -- something he has never mined doing when it serves his purpose.

If you're surprised that Trump is now dropping that campaign promise, then you're not very bright. Clinton has done nothing wrong -- and Trump knows it.

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