Thursday, June 15, 2017

Should Trump Be Excused Because He Is "New" Politically ?

The other day, Speaker Ryan tried to defend Donald Trump by saying he is a political newcomer, and is still learning how politics is done in Washington. That's a rather scary thought to me -- the idea that Trump is a political novice and should be cut some slack while he learns how to be president. I think anyone who assumes the office of president should already be competent enough to do the job (whether I agree with his/her politics or not).

It turns out that is also the view of a majority of the American public. About 54% say Trump should not be excused for being a political newcomer, but should already have the abilities necessary to perform the duties of the office to which he was elected. Only 27% say he should be excused for being a political newcomer.

The chart above is from the new Morning Consult / Politico Poll -- done between June 8th and 12th of a random national sample of 1,990 registered voters, with a margin of error of 2 points.

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