Thursday, May 10, 2018

In Rare Moment Of Honesty Trump Defines "Fake News"

Trump was back on Twitter yesterday, and as usual, he was attacking the press. He accused the press of being corrupt and producing "fake news". And in a scary moment suggested that he might refuse credentials to press outlets that didn't please him. That would be a direct attack on not just the press, but our democratic system of government.

But perhaps the most interesting part of his silly tweet was in its second line. In that line, he had a rare (and undoubtably accidental) moment of honesty -- and gave us his definition of "fake news". It turns out that for him, any story that contains negative information about him is "fake news".

It has nothing to do with whether the story is true or not. Truth doesn't matter at all. The only thing that matters is whether the story is negative or positive about him. It shows he truly is a narcissist. If a story contains negative information about Trump, then it is "fake news". If the story is positive about Trump, then it is real news according to him.

Most of us already knew this, but it's nice to see Trump admit it -- even if it was an accident.

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