Tuesday, August 07, 2018

GOP: Some Are Proud Racists And Others Try To Hide It

There is no doubt that Donald Trump is a racist. He doesn't even try to hide it anymore. There is also no doubt that the proud racists in this country have found a home in the Republican Party, and they make up a substantial portion of it.

But I hear repeatedly from the talking heads on cable news that not all Republicans are racists. Is that true? I think not.

Racism is not determined by what you think of yourself, or by what you claim to be. Racism is determined by your words and actions. If you talk and act like a racist, then you are one. And if you support a racist, then you are also a racist. Your actions have defined you.

There are some Republicans that think they are not racist -- even though they support Donald Trump. And I think some of them are not even aware of that racism they are exhibiting. They have found excuses for what they think.

One prime example is Senator Roy Blunt (R-Missouri). In a recent interview, he claimed that the "GOP is not anti-Black" -- and indefensible position. He then went on to say he wished other Republicans would be more careful about how they talk, saying, "I think you've gotta be more careful in our society about what you say about people that are different than you".

I don't think he even realized that his statement was racist -- but it was. Seeing other people (nonwhites) as being "different" is the very basis of racism.

Blacks (and other nonwhite people) are NOT different than Whites. They are human beings. They have the same DNA that defines them as humans that Whites have. And they have the same hopes and dreams as Whites. Viewing them as different is just a tiny step away from viewing them as unequal or inferior.

There are minor variations among humans. But we don't see blue-eyed people as being different from people with green, grey, or brown eyes. And we don't see people with blond hair as being different from those with brown, black grey, or red hair. Why then do some see people with a darker skin color as different? The only reason is racism.

Race is not a scientific concept. It was invented by Whites to justify their subjugation of nonwhite people, and the stealing of their land and other resources. It was also used to justify slavery. After all, if those people are not inferior, then you have no justification for the subjugation, theft, and slavery.

It's time to put this archaic idea behind us. Nonwhites are NOT different than Whites. All humans (regardless of skin, eye, or hair color) are the same -- and they should be treated the same. Viewing those with a darker skin color as different is nothing less than racism.

Are all Republicans racist? Those that support racists are, and so are those that view nonwhites as different -- and that makes up most (if not all) of that party.

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