Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Majority Of Public Disagrees With Trump About Refugees

Donald Trump has done his best to demonize the refugees from Central America -- those who turn themselves in at our Southern border seeking asylum. Trump has separated families, caged children, and refused to allow them to enter and ask for asylum. He wants Americans to consider these desperate families as criminals who want to hurt this country.

Fortunately, the public is not buying his racist hate-speech against these refugees. Instead of being convinced by Trump, the opposite is happening -- more are being convinced that the U.S. should allow these refugees to enter this country.

In December, only 51% said those refugees should be allowed to enter. That has now climbed to 57% -- a significant jump of 6 points. And that increase in. wanting them to enter has grown in all political groups -- Democrats (from 82% to 85%), Independents (from 52% to 58%), and even Republicans (from 14% to 24%).

Trump's vicious actions and hate-speech may work for his deplorable base, but it is not impressing the American public.

The charts above are from The Gallup Poll -- done between July 15th and 31st of a national sample of 3,038 adults, with a margin of error of 2 points.

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