Friday, August 08, 2008

Should Hillary Be Placed In Nomination ?

The mainstream media has been all abuzz the last couple of days, because Hillary Clinton has made some statements that sound like she would like to see her name placed in nomination at the convention in Denver, and her supporters given the chance to vote for her. The media makes it sound like the Obama campaign would be hurt if that happened.

Frankly, I don't see the big deal. It's no secret that she got nearly 18 million votes, and gave Obama a run for his money in the primary. What's the harm in letting Hillary and her supporters play the game out?

We know who the winner is going to be -- Barack Obama. And we also know that the convention will declare it unanimous once he goes over the top, just like they always do. This wouldn't be the first convention to have more than one name in nomination for the role call of the states.

Come November, Obama is not going to be hurt by allowing this to happen. In fact, he may actually be helped. If the Hillary supporters feel like they were shown some respect, they may find it easier to support Obama after the convention is over.

On Thursday, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama spoke by phone, and it was arranged that Bill would address the convention on Thursday night before the voting for vice-president takes place. Was this an attempt to convince Hillary not to allow her name in nomination? I hope not.

At this point, Obama can afford to be magnanimous. Let Bill speak, and let Hillary have her vote. After that, they will have no excuse not to fully support Obama in the Fall campaign.

Democrats have a tradition to uphold -- a tradition of letting everyone have their say. This is not the time to start acting like Republicans and shut anyone out.


  1. Democrats have a tradition to uphold -- a tradition of letting everyone have their say.[Emphasis added]

    Have you forgotten about the 1992 Democratic Convention, when Pennsylvania pro-life Governor Robert P. Casey was barred from speaking?

    To your party's credit, Governor Casey's son, Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr. may be allowed to speak in Denver this year.

  2. I agree...we need to appease those hillary voters who are saying they're going to vote for john mccain..which is absolutely asinine any way you look at it..
    thanks for coming by and saying howdy...guess i wont be the only one switching back and forth from the olympics to the cowboys game..ha..

  3. I don't see it as appeasing the Hillary supporters who say they'll vote for McCain. I see it as showing respect for Hillary and her supporters and acknowledging her accomplishment at coming in a close second. We've probably lost the people who say they will vote for McCain, but we have a really good chance at a much larger group -- unenthusiastic voters who may grudgingly vote for Obama, or who may just skip voting in the presidential race altogether.

    Women have long been the backbone of the Democratic Party, providing much of the free labor (and a lot of money) that's so important to our elections. I don't understand the Hillary haters on this issue. Why do they believe that Obama's manhood would somehow take a hit if he doesn't put Hillary and her supporters in their places? He's supposed to be a candidate for the 21st century. I don't care if the Obama team has "done the math" and decided they can win without Hillary and her supporters. Being dismissive of such a large group of people will hurt the party in the long run.


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