Friday, September 05, 2008

Palin's Ethics Case Getting Messy (And Weird)

Most people probably know by now that John Sidney McCain's choice of a running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, is being investigated by the Alaskan Legislature for ethics violations. She has been accused of trying to pressure the Commissioner of Public Safety into firing a state trooper -- her ex-brother in law. The Commissioner said he was fired by the governor because he wouldn't fire the trooper.

Evidently there was a messy divorce and Palin's family was upset with the trooper. The current question is whether she used her executive position to try and get even with the trooper. Last week, Palin hired an attorney to represent her in the matter. An attorney that could be reimbursed by the state for up to $95,000.

Yesterday, a Palin aide was scheduled to testify before the legislature anout the matter. But at the last minute, his attorney cancelled his appearance. The attorney said it was because they weren't sure the legislature had the juristiction to investigate. He thinks the matter should be heard instead by the state Personnel Board.

This is where the whole thing gets downright weird. Evidently the governor was starting to get worried by the legislature's investigation. So she filed charges against herself with the state's Personnel Board. Now her attorney is saying the legislature should stop it's investigation because the matter is before the Personnel Board.

Obviously, the governor thinks she has a better chance with the Personnel Board than the legislature, and she may be right. A state board is much more likely to be intimidated by a sitting governor (who probably has the authority to remove them from office).

Meanwhile, the ex-Commissioner showed the Washington Post several e-mails from the governor to him. He says it is proof of the governor's misuse of her executive powers.

This thing is really starting to get messy, and may well turn out to be a big embarrassment for the Republican ticket of McCain/Palin.


  1. Good Catch!!!!

    But "turn into an embarrassment?"

    It IS an embarrassment!

    This selection is wrong on so many levels. Does she even know where the bathrooms are in the Senate?

  2. Does she even know where the bathrooms are in the Senate?

    I had to think about this one for a second, until I surmised that you must be referring to 1) she will be serving as President Pro Tem of the Senate; and 2) the Senate being primarily an old boys' club, the women's rooms might not be as clearly marked as the men's rooms.

    I'm sure Senator Clinton will be glad to help her out, seeing as Palin's election as Vice President
    will clear the way for Hillary to run for President in 2012 following the defeat of Obama.

  3. Actually, what he is jokingly referring to is the quote from a vice-president (I think it was Cheney) that "The only qualification for vice-president is to know where the Senate bathrooms are."

  4. For the poor, poor liberals, the sad fact is Palin has mmore Executive experience, about 7 years worth, then Obama and Biden COMBINED who have ZERO, NONE, NADA. Neither of them have run as much as a lemonaide stand, neither has had the responsibility on their shoulders and their shoulders alone for a single decision they have ever made.

    The stink of fear is all around the hapless sleazy liberals as they see their "Messiah" sink in to the slime.

    But don't worry about him, libs, he will have plenty of company where he's going. The rest of the sleazebags will be right there with him. Let's see we have the Anarchist William Ayers who famously told all kids to "Kill your parents", we have the COMMUNIST Frank Marshall Davis, we have the real estate crook and Obamason cohort Tony Rezko, about to begin his 11 year sentence in prison, and we have his former Reverend Jerimiah "GOD DAMN AMERICA" Wright. I'm sure I forgot a few but you get the idea.

    LOL, and who knows, maybe he'll bring some of the grass and "blow" he used as a young crack head and they all can party hardy.

  5. It's easy to see why you want to comment anonymously.


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