Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dean To Resign As DNC Head

The Huffington Post is reporting that Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean is set to resign his position. I am sorry to hear this because I think Dean has been the best DNC chairman the party has had in a long time. Before Dean, the Democratic Party had written off much of America as a lost cause. They put all their hopes on blue states and some swing states.

Dean initiated what he called the "50-state strategy". Under Dean's leadership, the party would seek a renaissance in every state, and seek to establish the Democratic Party as a viable alternative in even the reddest of states. Dean was also the first to use the internet as a fundraising and organizing tool.

Obama is given credit for his campaign's reaching out to even red states, and actually flipping several red staes to blue. He is also praised for his record-breaking fundraising and organizational efforts on the internet. I don't wish to take anything away from Obama. He did well in both efforts, but he owes a debt to Howard Dean for showing the way.

Dean had said in the past that he would only serve one term, but that term was so productive in helping to rebuild the Democratic Party that I had hoped he would stay on as DNC chair. But it looks like that's not to be. I don't know whether he's tired of the job, or he just thinks Obama deserves to put his own person in the job. Either way, I'm just sorry to see Howard Dean leave.

Thank you Howard Dean! The Democratic Party owes you a huge debt.

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