Thursday, November 06, 2008

World Celebrates America's Choice

There were celebrations across America on election night, after Obama reached the magic number of electoral votes. Everyone seemed to realize that this country had done something special. It had not only elected a new leader, but it had taken a giant step toward putting our history of slavery, racism and racial animosity into the past. Hopefully, a page has been turned.

But Americans weren't the only ones celebrating. There were joyous celebrations all around the world. I think the people in many countries saw the election of Barack Obama as a rekindling of the flame of hope and liberty that America has represented in the past.

Perhaps Kel at the English blog The Osterly Times puts it best, when he says:

"I hope American readers have some appreciation of just how much this victory means to millions of people who live thousands of miles from your shores.
The world feels like a different place today, a better place, a more compassionate place. And you did that. Thank you. From the bottom of all of our hearts. Thank you."

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