Monday, February 25, 2013

Where's The Party Of The Left ?

I wish it wasn't true, but I think these two pictures sum up pretty well the political situation in the United States. We don't have a party of the left and a party of the right in this country. We have two parties of the right, with one being more extreme on the right than the other -- and both holding Wall Street and the giant corporations in far too much reverence. What we badly need is a party that will represent the working and middle classes -- a party that will demand the rich, the banks, and the corporations stop shirking their responsibilities and start paying their full and fair share of taxes. The Democrats used to be that party, but now they have joined the GOP in declaring their fealty to Wall Street and Big Business.


  1. Amen, and until that happens, the little people without money and influence are screwed...

  2. True.

    I still have a hard time with Nader. I struggle with whether he "spoiled" the 2000 election for Gore. I have read many analyses and some say yes, some say no.

    I do know my European/NZ/Canadian friends are appalled at how Right we are. EU and NZ especially. I have a Tory contact on one of these sites who thinks - he's a Tory, conservative mind you, who thinks our healthcare non-system is "immoral".

  3. I said that Obama is the best republican president the democrats have.
    I know what 'liberal' means and the democrats are not even close enough to even read the BIG print.
    At this point the only difference is the republicans have some balls, while the democrats can't even find where the balls go. It's just unfortunate that the american theocracy is growing each day regardless of which party is in power.


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