Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New Polls In Iowa, South Carolina, And New Hampshire

The Morning Consult Poll has released three new presidential campaign surveys -- for Iowa, South Carolina, and New Hampshire. Between 800 and 900 registered voters were queried in each state (with a 3 point margin of error).

The Democratic surveys showed Hillary Clinton with a 42 point lead over Bernie Sanders in Iowa, and a 46 point lead in South Carolina. New Hampshire is a lot closer, with Clinton only having a 12 point lead over Sanders in that state. This could be expected, since New Hampshire borders Sanders' home state of Vermont. It also shows that if Sanders does well in the debates, he might actually have a chance in that state.

The Republican surveys show that race is still a hot mess. Scott Walker leads in Iowa, Lindsey Graham leads in South Carolina, and George Bush leads in New Hampshire. None of those leads are anywhere near insurmountable though, as none of those three candidates could even reach the 20% mark.

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