Monday, February 06, 2017

Another Sign Of A Very Troubled Presidency (Lawsuits)

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It would be an understatement to say the Trump administration is off to a rough start. Poll after poll has shown that Trump is the most unpopular president to ever take office -- the only president to have more people viewing him unfavorably than favorably. But that is not the only yardstick to judge the Trump administration is already a very troubled one.

Although Trump has only been in office a couple of weeks, he has had many lawsuits filed against him. In just the first two weeks of his presidency, there were 55 lawsuits filed -- far more than the last three presidents. Bill Clinton had 5 lawsuits filed in the first two weeks, while George W. Bush had 4 and Barack Obama had 5.

Most of the lawsuits (40) were filed on his executive order about refugees and travel. Lawsuits were also filed on civil rights (9), immigration policies in general (4), financial conflicts of interest (1), and cutting federal funding to sanctuary cities (1).

It looks like the new Attorney General is going to be spending a lot of time just defending the policies Trump has instituted in just the first two weeks.

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