Thursday, July 17, 2008

Right-Wing Fundies Oppose Bullying Ban

Most people think bullying in our schools is a bad thing, and something should be done to eliminate it whenever possible. After all, a child that is constantly bullied in school can suffer psychological damage that will affect him (or her) for the rest of their life. It's also been learned that most school shooters were acting out of revenge for being bullied. That's why I find this story so troubling.

The North Carolina legislature decided they needed to do something about school bullying. After a year of wrangling over the issue, they finally agreed on a plan that would pass both the House and Senate. It looked like something would finally be done.

But that's before the "conservative christians" stepped in. These right-wing fundie hate-mongers are urging their followers to put pressure on legislators to kill the bill before it can be voted into law. Why would they do this? To further their own hate-mongering.

You see, the bill listed gays and lesbians among those who are commonly bullied in school (a fact that cannot be denied). But that upset the fundies. It is part of their religious belief to discriminate against homosexuals, so obviously, it must be OK to bully gay and lesbian youngsters.

Sadly, these religious bigots don't realize how evil this makes them look. Why can't they just agree that bullying is wrong, even when you don't like the person being bullied? Would Jesus really approve of bullying gay and lesbian children?

How can these nuts call themselves christians?


  1. Fundamentalist. How is it that fundamentalists ignore the fundamentals of the christian faith?

    Love your brother. Do unto others. Judge not.

    Everything takes a backseat to some interpretation that allows them to hate gay/lesbian. Hating for God is apparently okay. Violence is explained with biblical interpretation.

    There is a hand-painted sign we pass here in the Ozarks when we head to the bi-monthly swap meet for farmers. The sign is standing alone in a field. Its message is simple and gives me hope for humanity:

    "Would Jesus torture?"

    My hillbilly brothers and sisters are full of wisdom.


  2. This, too, disgusts me.

    I just don't get it.


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